The world is in a mess and we Indians are specially reeling under the Covid surge. This sudden surge is unexplained although. We at Chirayu are offering you the basic guidelines on how to sail through these Corona Times if you are a patient, a potential patient as in have been exposed to the virus in the form of an ailing family member or exposure to unknown sources.

Start with Taking steam every 6 hourly

Ayush Kadha as advised by the Ayush Ministry and corroborated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare t is a must in the present times but of course under your doctors supervision specially if you are prone to acidity and other gastritis related problems.

Daily intake of 5 to 8 leaves of Tulsi/ 2 o 3 peppercorns with honey and ginger juice goes a long way in building your immunity.

In Ayurveda we have some very effective immunity enhancers along with anti virals. Kindly contact your doctor and start on them ASAP.

As per our records, all the patients on immunity enhancing drugs and steaming and gargling on a regular basis have 100 % recovery rate

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