Chirayu Care Centre has been rendering its services for the last 20+ years. Helmed by Ayurvedic doctors, it runs on the principle of Swasthasya Swasth Rakhshanam, Aturasya Vikar Prashamanam Cha, or simply: “stated maintaining the health of the healthy and treating the diseased.”

Diseased is an all-encompassing word, and we maintain a holistic approach towards all diseases. Not only treatment, we also offer counselling as and when required.

In the last 20+ years, we have treated cases of gastritis, infertility, various forms of urinary tract disorders, different manifestations of asthma, different forms of skin diseases, and muscle, joint and bone disorders. We have effectively counselled patients with ADHD, infertility, depression, etc, along with medication and therapy.

We also dispense customised medicated powders and lotions prepared in small quantities under all aseptic conditions.

Treatment at Chirayu Care Centre is based on Prakriti (or, composition of the patient). Prakriti is the parameter which decides the dominant Dosa (or, vitiated element in the disease). Along with treatment, the diet too is customised as per requirement. To know the Prakriti of the patient, we go by an in-depth questionnaire that needs to be filled up by each patient who visits us.

Knowing Prakriti not only helps in treatment; it also helps in maintaining the health of the healthy (in other words: enhancing immunity).